Part Time

Part Time in Brooklyn, photo by Hazel Kiesewetter

While an active participant within Austin's garage rock scene (Dazzling king Solomon Band,Toko ri get high) as well as the Bay Area's Time Flys , David Speck unexpectedly released a handful of 4-track Casio synthpop sketches. These, as one would expect, left him reflecting on his direction and upon a more permanent relocation to San Francisco, Speck became Part Time. From his home in Tenderloin Heights, he now jams out that post-Cure pop, rubbed up flirtatious against West Coast surf and Krautrock grooves. His thick, sun-bleached songs are a murmur of sweet nothings amidst the buzz of city life; hip shaken with friends, longing eyes over crowded rooms, laughter along love emanating from cute voices in your radio… Part Time is, in other words, the sound of a man with his priorities in good order, inviting you to join him for a better time. You totally should.