Woolen Men: Reports from the road pt. 2

We'll be sharing stories of Woolen Men's European tour on our blog over the next month. Check back here for more photos and stories of their trip! And for European fans, find a full listing of show dates in the blog below.

May 4: Berlin

Tour is tricky. you only see a tiny a slice of the city: the club, a few blocks. in this case it was "trickster" a rock n roll dive in berlin. we heard they are throwing more rock shows now which is nice. when raf was here 8 years ago it was strictly techno only. the man throwing the show was an israeli ducking his mandatory military service to date german girls. he made us nice mediterannean food.

May 5: Warsaw

How could we ever forget you poland? post soviet chic and an amazing tape wall at the club (felt like home). three kinds of soup and pierogies at old school style soviet eatery "milk bar" (dirt cheap too) generally enthusiastic poles everywhere. our host lukasz met us decked out in his finest pendleton gear AND amazing wipers/warsaw tattoo (pic definitely related). then monday night party in karols apartment complete with resident polish alchoholic wierdo muttering about how much he hates poland/polish people and admonishing me not to throw cigarettes out the window  

May 7: Vienna 

Totally miserable drive into austria + discovered that alex forgot his drivers license, making me defacto perma tour driver and putting me in defacto perma bad mood. show was a literal wash, we played for the other band. then it turned out they were cool as fuck austrian babes who knew grass window and it got more fun. while they made fun of the american eagle emblazoned on my passport alex disappeared and when he came back he had a little surprise for us on his arm. dont tell mom

May 8: Innsbruck PMK club

Austro college town innsbruck was another potential bummer show saved by euro wackjobs. the other band vlasta popic had a sick drummer and cool croatian style, they urged us to come to croatia which i def want to do now, bought records and were  way psyched on wm, brightly informing me that our music sounds "really drunk" . we played underneath the train and the feedback from the electricity made als bass cab sound like it had crickets in it which was cool. after some emergency guitar surgery we watched a drunk guy do interpretive dance on the floor and retired to the cushest hostel room i have ever seen in my life

May 9: Zurich

The swiss are some rich ass folks. zurich was like one giant luxury design store: guccipradaburberrytiffanyhermesh&mclusterfuckdowntown. the club elmodelmos was amazing though a huge artist loft building filled with elegantly dressed swiss artists designers and web folks. went out to zurich nightclub after and got some red carpet treatment and avoided paying 18+ dollars for a single tequila shot. dinner was "kentucky" style fried chicken and the most potentially expensive thing of the entire tour probably. the club guys paid for it but i did the math and my crappy fried chicken and fries cost almost 30 dollars us. holy shit..

May 10/11: Italy

We are really in the south now. it got hot fast and there are half naked euro bros everywhere. i am in love with italy. our hotel was an incredible art deco place and maybe the coolest club of tour so far too: named Hanabi (after the great beat takeshi movie) it was literally on the beach. they served us haute cousine: swordfish primi (!)  and black ravioli secondi (!!!) mucho red wine AND a dessert course then solemnly informed us that most bands are "very relaxed" when they play here. we played a nice long set, i think people liked it just fine too, sold some records. the next day the show was moved suddenly which meant that it was kinda a dud. thats cool though. the place was insane. it was called brain and was located in the italian countryside smelled like cowshit and played host to all sorts of childrens birthday parties and office events. ridiculous decor everywhere including toilets on the dance floor too. happy mothers day mom.