Woolen Men: Reports from the road

We'll be sharing stories of Woolen Men's European tour on our blog over the next month. Check back here for more photos and stories of their trip! And for European fans, find a full listing of show dates in the blog below.

Wed april 30:

Amsterdam turned out be full of wonderful visual cartoons everywhere and i was luck enough to run into a truly great comics shop AND remember that beloved cartoonists joost swarte is dutch. i have no idea what the words are about here with this tripping man but i think we can all understand the general meaning of such a picture. With Alex arriving later and a day off we spent a while searching for the florescent museum, recommended by new york pal carrie vanderyacht (http://carivanderyacht.tumblr.com/). The florescent museum turned out to be amazing; staffed by a motormouthed new york expat obsessed with florescence he took us on a 60's style psychedelic journey into the stuff complete with hendrix/beatles background music, florescent tattoos, shells and stones and "rare" posters, glow in the dark rabbits, and a weird cave which made our faces look orange. Thats jorge on the left there.

Thur may 1:

Following our first show (dbs club in Utrecht) where older men enthused about our set and quizzed our NW cred with wipers/dead moon questions we repaired to our bed and breakfast, a 16th century farmhouse complete with "jam space" and hundreds of portraits of baby boomer heroes. raf is at the table drinking some crappy euro coffee.

Fri may 2:

Incredible show in Arhus at trojborg beboerhus. the whole bit: moshing, crowd surfing, people in the crowd pouring beer into al's mouth. one of the other bands knew all the words to mayonnaise and sang along which really blew my mind. This is al sitting on top of 1000 beers which were purchased for the event. even by 2.00am "beer mountain" was still going strong.