Here's a mix to stream/DL from our record collection! LLM001.

Here is the first in the series of Loglady mixes/podcasts compiled from our home record collection. All songs are recorded straight from vinyl.

This mix is pretty mellow. Hopefully it's something you can listen to with a friend while you're hanging indoors because of the rain.

Here's the track listing:

Felt - Ballad Of The Band (0:14)
Chris Spedding - Video Life (3:04)
Pulp - Little Girl (6:18)
The Great Unwashed - Hold onto The Rail (9:47)
Marcos Valle - Nem Paleto, Nem Gravata (12:17)
Junior Murvin - Police and Thieves (15:21)
Lee Hazlewood - I Just Learned to Run (19:14)
Spectrum - Touch The Stars (22:19)

Stream down below or on soundcloud. You can also download it